Print Book & Digital Book

“…in this present day and age we still have no new shape for the book as a body; it continues to be a cover with a jacket, and a spine, and pages 1, 2, 3…”

El Lissitzky  (Our book)

Book-set of books, manuscripts or printed, sewn neatly and forming a block. Work, scientific or literary that form or can form a volume. Printed document or not printed. Transcript of thought through a writing technique in any supported or any registration procedures. The book assumes a stand, signs, a process of inscription, a meaning. It is part of a process of creation, reproduction, distribution, conservation and communication. It is addressed to a reader, has one purpose: reflection, teaching, knowledge, evasion, dissemination of ideas and culture. According to the Portuguese agency for ISBN (International Standard Book Numbering) is any non-periodic publication a minimum of forty-five pages and it is subject to legal deposit. According to ISO (International Standards Organization) is a non-periodical printed publication, with more than forty-eight pages, not including the cover, which is a bibliographical unit. Exemplary monograph from which the publisher is printing.

“Today we have two dimensions for the word. As a sound it is a function of time, and as a representation it is a function of space. The coming book must be both.”

El Lissitzky (Our book)

“The idea which moves the masses today is called materialism, but what precisely characterizes the present time is dematerialization. An example: correspondence grows, the number of letters increases, the amount of paper written on and material used up swells, then the telephone-call relieves the strain. Then comes further growth of the communications network and increase in the volume of communications; then radio eases the burden. The amount of material used is decreasing, we are dematerializing, cumbersome masses of material are being supplanted by released energies. That is the sign of our time.”

El Lissitsky (Our book)

Digital Book– Non-periodic digital publishing ,that means, it is completed in full size package or a predetermined number of packages and can contain any morphology information. E-book.

“Online the book becomes part of a vast, interactive network of footnotes, endnotes, hyperlinks, social tags, geo-location search capabilities, animations, video and sound. It becomes an occasion for social annotations and collaborative communities of readers and authors.”

“What seems to be described here is the web rather than the book. If this would be a book, an e-book for example, you would likely not be able to read it five years later. Links would have broken, social tags been spammed, the geo-location programming interface would have changed, the codecs for the video and sound would have become obsolete, and it wouldn’t work on the screen of your 2021 electronic device anyway.”

 (Florian Cramer “What binds a book”)


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